You may be viewing this site, and wonder, what is WordPress actually? Let me help you out!

WordPress is a so-called Content Management System. With WordPress, you can easily build a website and add content yourself.

It is used by over a third of all websites worldwide. It is easy to extend and offers many ways to build a website. And exactly that makes it so powerful.

WordPress in a nutshell, using WordPress and Elementor (a plugin)

WordPress uses a functionality called Themes to display and determine the main layout of the webpage. There are thousands of themes available, both paid and free.

It also has a functionality called Plugins which offers so-called plugins to extend the functionality of a website, such as the option to have forms on a WordPress website.

Moreover, WordPress is designed to work well with search engines. It also has options to manage users and various access levels or user roles.

It is used by more than one-third of the websites worldwide for a reason. WordPress is usually easy to learn and it offers a lot of free and paid themes (templates) and plugins.