Onze Gratis WordPress Thema's Collectie

Onze collectie gratis WordPress thema's bestaat momenteel uit drie thema's. We gebruiken ze allemaal binnenshuis, dus waarom zouden we het plezier voor onszelf houden? Al deze thema's zijn vrij om zowel commercieel als privé te gebruiken.

Why should you use the free WordPress themes from Make it WorkPress?

As you know, there are many providers of free WordPress themes out there. Some of these free templates are very good, and some of these are different. But why should you opt for using our themes?

Regularly extended and updated

All of the above themes are used in-house or by our clients. And this ensures regular updates such as bug fixes, but also new features.

Developed with a great eye for detail

We're WordPress theme perfectionists. Every line of code was put in the theme for a reason, and we restricted the number of scripts as much as possible.

Great for WordPress professionals

All our themes contain action and filter hooks, and include free premium modules such as the WP Custom Fields module. This allows WordPress developers to easily extend a given theme with custom fields and much more.