Contractor: Make it WorkPress, registered at the Chamber of Commerce as a Trade Name of CreativeSolvers under registration number 54845874. Hereinafter referred to as Make it WorkPress.

Client: Every natural or legal person with whom Make it WorkPress concludes an agreement or negotiates the conclusion thereof or to whom Make it WorkPress makes an offer.

Quotations, agreement, and confirmation

1. General

These conditions apply to all offers, contracts, and services between the client and Make it WorkPress unless otherwise agreed. The conditions, at the conclusion of the agreement, are known to both parties.

2. Quotations

Quotations are free of obligation unless otherwise agreed. When original contents of the assignment given by client changes, the quotation may be changed in accordance with the adjusted content. Make it WorkPress is not tied to the price of the engagement when it appears that the client requires more work than agreed. There is no obligation to deliver any part of the assignment against a corresponding part of the entire price. Third-party fees are charged directly; this also applies to price changes from third-parties. The offer is valid for thirty days after the draw unless otherwise agreed.

3. Confirmation of assignments

Assignments must be confirmed in writing by the client. If the client fails to do so but consents orally or in writing that Make it WorkPress should commence the work commissioned, the terms of the quotation and the general conditions will apply as agreed.

4. Multiple designers and developers

When the client outsources the same job to multiple designers or design agencies, he must inform Make it WorkPress thereof and indicate who is involved. Make it WorkPress offers professional craftsmanship at its best ability and insight, but may in agreement with the client use third parties to complete the assignment. Make it WorkPress is not responsible for any defects caused by the involvement of these third parties.

The implementation of the agreement

5. Provision of information

The client is committed to a timely delivery of necessary, complete, sound and clear information or materials. The delivery of incomplete, faulty and or unclear information or material remains at the risk of the client.

6. Confidential Information

The client and Make it WorkPress, when entering into the agreement, commit themselves to treat all information as confidential and take the effort to ensure that information can be kept confidential.

The obligation of confidentiality will not apply if a party, as a result of legislation and/or judicial decisions must disclose the confidential information and cannot rely on a legal right to keep evidence confidential.

7. Modifications in the assignment

Modifications related to the contract must be made explicit to Make it WorkPress by the client in writing and in a timely manner. If this is done orally, the risk for the implementation of these modifications is on behalf of the client.

8. The use of third-party services and products

The use of products or services of third parties relating to the contract is at the expense and risk of the client. Make it WorkPress can act as an intermediary for an agreed fee. When the payment of third parties is arranged through Make it WorkPress, Make it WorkPress has entitled to request the client an advance on costs.

9. Publication and reproduction

Both Make it WorkPress and the client should give each other the opportunity to audit the latest concepts, designs, models, prototypes, websites, documents or sample designs and approve these, before proceeding to publication or reproduction.

10. Project deadlines and delivery

The deadlines agreed between the client and Make it WorkPress are indicative and not to be regarded as final dates, unless agreed otherwise in writing. When modifications to the original agreement are made, the agreed delivery time can be exceeded.

11. Iterative Projects

In some cases, the client may require Make it WorkPress to be associated with a project over a longer term and contributes chronically to a project. If the client involves Make it WorkPress in an iterative project, Make it WorkPress reserves the right to bill the monthly costs and hours for the project. For standard contracts, the amount of iterations for design work is limited to three.

12. Obligation of Efforts

The basis of the agreement with respect to a contract or agreement is based upon an obligation of effort unless expressly agreed in the contract that the required effort exceeds this obligation. If the client requires an unreasonable effort with respect to the agreed assignment, Make it WorkPress has the right to charge a new quotation for this and to come to a supplementary agreement.

13. Hosting and Mangement Contracts

The contract for the hosting and management of Make it WorkPress should be entered for the minimum period of one year, taking into account the notice period of two months if the client is paying a yearly fee. If the client has enabled monthly billing, the minimum contract period is limited to one month.

The termination of hosting and management subscription must be in writing and can be requested at any time during the current period. If the notice takes place within the agreed period, there is no possibility of receiving compensation for the remaining months or days. Unless a party explicitly terminates the subscription by writing, Make it WorkPress will tacitly renew the subscription for the duration of the contract period.

Make it WorkPress reserves the right to utilize services of third parties for its hosting and management services. While Make it WorkPress will make great efforts to ensure the reliability of their hosting platform, they can not guaranty 24-7 availability. Make it WorkPress does not guarantee a certain percentage of uptime but is committed to getting this percentage as high as possible and above a reasonable percentage.

Make it WorkPress has the right to update the pricing for each of the hosting services yearly, either as a result of inflation, chancing economic conditions or changing fees for procurement from third parties. In a case of price change, Make it WorkPress will notify the concerned clients.

By using any of the hosting and management services, the client consents to the General Terms. Consenting the General Terms also implies consent of the Data Processing Addendum (DPA). The DPA can be downloaded here and mailed to for manual signing.

The above conditions also apply if the customer only purchases management or maintenance services.

14. Hosting Usage and Fair Use

The constraints for the hosting and management services for the entry level packages specified as Tiny in the services offering are based on average usage, also designated as fair-use. If a website is deviating from the average use, Make it WorkPress reserves the right to deny hosting or conclude an agreement in line with the actual usage of the website and/or add any extra costs incurred as of extra resources and bandwidth used.

The entry-level hosting package designated under the Tiny package does not support complex WordPress plugins such as Woocommerce, bbPress, WPML or any plugin that has a significant drain on server resources. Make it WorkPress has the right to notify a client of this and move the client’s website using such plugins to a higher server plan, and arrange a fee for this accordingly.

The constraints for the hosting and management services for virtual private server level packages are based on the resources of the advertised server including the advertised bandwidth. If an application or website of a client on such package consumes more resources than a server can handle, applications may become unavailable. Make it WorkPress is in such a case not responsible for any downtime of applications and/or websites, but may offer the suggestion to scale to a higher server package.

The client indemnifies Make it WorkPress against claims from third parties arising from the way in which the client uses the provided hosting and management services.

The hosting packages of Make it WorkPress indicate certain limits on bandwidth. If a client surpasses this bandwidth for any of their websites or applications, an extra fee is charged. This overage bandwidth fee is determined at $0.06 or €0.05 per GB bandwidth overage.

By default, the hosting packages of Make it WorkPress do include the support for outgoing emails, outbound from the server, using a third-party service ensuring optimal delivery. By default, a maximum of 500 monthly outgoing emails is supported. If a client’s website or application is surpassing this amount, a fee of $1.20 or €1 per 1000 emails is charged.

In addition, Make it WorkPress does also includes image optimization. Optimization for a maximum of 1000 images per subscription is supported per month (including the thumbnails generated by WordPress). Additional image optimization will be charged $12 or €10 per 10000 images.

Make it WorkPress may provide a Google Maps API connection for client websites. Usage of this API is billed at $0.12 or €0.10 per 1000 views. Prices may be subject to changes and are excluding value-added tax.

15. Hosting Management Conditions

Make it WorkPress will take the effort to timely answer client support requests within the scope of the hosting and management conditions. Make it WorkPress will at least try to react in a minimum of 7 business days.

The support only covers issues related to hosting and/or management provided by Make it WorkPress. The support will be limited via email or live chat only. Support outside of these conditions can be provided for a fee, providing it can be delivered.

Make it WorkPress will at least take a monthly effort to update the plugins, themes and WordPress core files on the client’s websites providing these applications are suitable for WordPress.

Make it WorkPress is not obliged to update plugins or themes if they do not incorporate the native update function as provided by WordPress, independent of the repository the package is updating from. An example is updating plugins or themes by manually uploading the updated files because the given plugin or theme does not support updating over WordPress.

Make it WorkPress will execute performance optimizations of the website at the moment a client starts hosting a website on the platform of Make it WorkPress. Included optimization techniques are the implementation of caching techniques as supported by the server, image optimization and minification of assets.

Advanced optimization such as manually optimizing and rewriting code, advanced database optimization and optimization of global delivery is excluded, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

Make it WorkPress will make the required effort to make the website as fast as possible with the included, and aforementioned techniques, but is not obliged to give a report of performance comparisons.

Make it WorkPress will at least make daily backups with a maximum retention period of 4 weeks and has the right to utilize the services of third parties for creating backups.

Not included in the management of websites is the technical development of plugins, themes or any software on the client’s website that show instability or technical defects, even after updating.

In addition, while Make it WorkPress does offer services for the integration of e-mail providers with a client’s domain, it is not required to offer support on any aspect of this e-mail integration and does not offer e-mail hosting by itself.

Setting up or adding any content of a client’s website, such as adding texts and images to websites, is not part of management contract.

Make it WorkPress will take efforts to improve the security of a website by implementing isolation of client accounts on server level, server firewalls and by the installation of a security plugin to monitor login events, scan for corrupted files and register security related events.

Make it WorkPress also has the right to eventually add a plugin to audit all user actions taken on the given installation to enhance the security of a website, if deemed mandatory by privacy regulations.

Make it WorkPress is not responsible for any loss in performance or any impairment of security that is caused by the deactivation of the responsible plugins by the client, nor responsible for any vulnerabilities in software that is not written by Make it WorkPress.

Make it WorkPress has the right to reject clients migrating their existing websites to the platform of Make it WorkPress if they contain unstable, incorrect or malperforming themes or plugins.

Make it WorkPress has the right to reject clients for maintenance only subscriptions if the client website contains ill-performing plugins, themes or if the clients hosting provider is using out-dated practices, old versions of PHP, MySQL or MariaDB, does not support server-side caching, lacks security or privacy measures or doesn’t provide free SSL certificates.

Make it WorkPress reserves the right to temporarily disable certain functionalities of the website used for the benefit of the management of the specific website. If a client, by improper use of applications, extensions or software, does harm a site or a server under the management of Make it WorkPress, Make it WorkPress is not responsible for the actual damage or the repairing of the damage. If desired, Make it WorkPress may enter into a new agreement in which it helps to repair this damage.

If by any fault of the client, such as the use of unsafe, abandoned or unstable applications, obstruction management has occurred for Make it Workpress, extra costs may be charged to the respective client and the contract may be suspended. Make it WorkPress is not liable for any data loss or the recovery of any data because of data loss.

If a client by improper use of applications, extensions and or software continuously harms the website, the performance, and/or the safety of the services provided by Make it WorkPress, Make it WorkPress has the right to suspend the agreement directly and refer the client to another party.

16. Domain Registration

Make it WorkPress can register domains for the client if required. The ownership of any of the domains will belong to Make it WorkPress if the ownership of any of these domains has not been agreed or specified by the client. Make it WorkPress is not liable for any damage due to any unspecified agreed property or to any usage of the registered domain.

Make it WorkPress only plays a mediating role in the application of domain registration and does not guarantee that the application can be fulfilled. The application, allotment and usage of a domain name shall always be subject to the rules and procedures of the relevant registration authority at the time of registration. The client is obliged to act according to these procedures, rules and any other relevant regulations for the registration of domains and must ensure that it is aware of the aforementioned legislation and procedures.

The customer indemnifies MakeitWorkPress from any claim from third parties resulting from infringements of its intellectual property rights due to the use of the intended domain name. Make it WorkPress expressly states that the registration of domain name is not an establishment of a trademark right.

Unless parties agree otherwise, a domain name is registered for the period of 12 months and tacitly renewed for the same period. If one of the parties wishes to cancel the domain, it must be confirmed in writing no later than 2 months before the end of the period. An invoice stating the fees for a domain registration is not a confirmation of the actual registration of the domain. After Make it WorkPress has received agreed payment from the client, it will take effort to register the given domain.

17. Search Engine Optimization

Make it WorkPress will take all effort to improve the searchability and discoverability of the website of the client in search engines if agreed upon as a service, but can not guarantee the outcome.

If Make it WorkPress require access to any account for the benefit of the searchability of the client, the client indemnifies Make it WorkPress to create these accounts or to grant access to the relevant accounts.

The client accepts that the visibility and results in any search engine belong under the full responsibility of the administrator of that particular search engine.

18. Sensitive Material or Usage

Make it WorkPress will never agree to a contract or agreement if a website, design or strategy contains one of the following demands: The storage, distribution or exhibition of pornographic or offensive material. Showing, advertising or facilitating gambling and gaming practices. The storage and distribution of any material with a threatening or defamatory nature. The storage and distribution of any licensed or copyrighted material. The storage or distribution of any material or information that is illegal according to Dutch and International laws. Make it WorkPress has the right to immediately suspend the contract if any of the above materials has been discovered without any commpensation for the remaining contract period.

If any of the client applications or websites are used in any illegal activity, such as cyber related crimes, denial of service attacks, spamming networks or cryptomining, Make it WorkPress has to right to suspend the contract directly without any compensation for any remaining days according to the contract.

Copyright, design rights, and ownership

19. Copyright and industrial property

All intellectual property of the designs, sketches, drawings, photographs, films and the like designed by Make it WorkPress remain with Make it WorkPress.

20. Copyright

Make it WorkPress guarantees that the delivered work is designed by Make it WorkPress, that Make it WorkPress is the author within the meaning of the Copyright Act, and can act as the copyright owner of the work. Copyrights are not included in the costs of any assignment. The client agrees to not infringe the copyright or industrial property rights of third parties and indemnifies Make it WorkPress of consequences of improper use.

21. Research on existence of rights

Make it WorkPress is not obliged to undertake research into the existence of relevant rights to the client.

22. Attribution

Unless the work is not suitable for such a purpose, Make it WorkPress is always entitled to have its name mentioned at or removed from the given work. The client is not allowed, without prior approval, to publicize or reproduce the work without mentioning the name of Make it WorkPress.

Usage and Licensing

23. The use of designs and other work

The contract will provide what the design or any other provided work will be used for. If the client wants to extend the use, this will be done in consultation with Make it WorkPress. This license applies as long as the customer meets the financial obligations associated with them. Usage by third parties is only allowed with written permission from Make it WorkPress.

24. Modifications

The client may not make any changes without written permission of Make it WorkPress in the preliminary or final design. Make it WorkPress must first be able to make a desired change by the client. A fee is payable based on the rates charged by Make it WorkPress.

25. Usage by Make it WorkPress

Basically, Make it WorkPress has the freedom to use all designs for their own promotion and/or publicity, unless agreed otherwise. Examples are using the work in the portfolio and writing about the project on websites, in magazines, articles or books.


26. Fees and additional costs

In addition to the agreed fees, other costs incurred under the contract will also be charged, such as travel, administration and transportation costs and costs of third parties. When a client requests additional meetings, which could be considered outside of the scope of the contract, hourly fees do apply. Quotations are unless otherwise stated, exclusive of VAT.

27. Fees for urgent requests

If the client requests urgency in any project by giving certain requirements such as a short term deadline, Make it WorkPress has the right to at a surplus the hourly rate taking into the account the urgency of the demand.

28. Fees for a modified assignment

When Make it WorkPress has to perform more or other efforts due to the incorrect supply of information or materials in the contract, this work will be separately charged. Amendments to the contract which lead to lower costs or activates may result in a reduction of the amount previously agreed between the client and Make it WorkPress.


29. Obligation of Payment

Payments must be made within 15 days after the invoice date. The payment and the bank account is clearly shown on the invoice. If a payment is not made within the given payment period, Make it WorkPress will send a reminder and additional administrative costs (€10/$12) will be charged. If payment is not made within 30 days of the payment term, an additional administration fee (€40/$48) will be charged.

If after the expiration of 60 days from the payment term Make it WorkPress has not received any full payment, the client is in default and the statutory interest will be added to the invoiced amount. All costs incurred by Make it WorkPress, such as litigation, judicial and extrajudicial costs, including the costs of legal assistance, bailiffs, and debt collection agencies, in connection with overdue payments, shall be borne by the client. The extrajudicial costs are set at least 10% of the invoice amount with a minimum of €125/$140 excluding VAT.

30. Periodic payments

Make it WorkPress has the right to charge a monthly fee for work performed and costs incurred for the execution of the assignment.

31. Payment terms

Make it WorkPress has the right to charge a 25% down-payment at the beginning of a project, a 50% payment during the completion of interim results, whereas the total is composed of the partial payments of each interim result and a 25% payment upon completion of the project.

32. Suspension

f the payments of the client to Make it WorkPress do not comply, Make it WorkPress has the right to suspend everything relating to the contract rights and deliverables until the payment obligations are fulfilled by the client. The client may not use any of the work so far. Make it WorkPress may require sufficient certainty for payment and is entitled to suspend the contract if that security can not be given.

33. Resolutive conditions

All deliveries resulting from the total or partial execution of the contract will take place on the condition precedent of payment.

Revocation and termination of contract

34. Revocation of contract

When the execution of the contract or the delivery of the work is delayed by failure or circumstances beyond the control of the client or canceled by the client, the client must pay the full agreed amount and the costs already incurred, notwithstanding the right of Make it WorkPress to claim further costs or damages.

35. Termination by the contractor

If any obligations, not at all or not be met in good time by the client, in the case of bankruptcy or suspension of payment and liquidation of the client, the client can be attributed in default. In these cases, Make it WorkPress has the right to suspend or dissolve the agreement wholly or partially, without being obliged to pay any compensation and without warning and/or judicial intervention.

36. Termination of the client

At full or partial cancellation of the assignment by the client, the client must compensate for all contract costs incurred. Without prejudice to the right of Make it WorkPress on Compensation due to loss of profits and resulting in cancellation charges and/or damage.

37. Force majeure

Force majeure includes, but is not limited to: disruptions of infrastructure, such as the operation of the IANA, RIPE or SIDN registers, disruptions and malfunctions of infrastructure providers of Make it WorkPress such as TransIP, Cloudflare, Google Cloud Engine and Vultr, unavailability because of DDOS attacks or network security bypasses, unforeseen faults of infrastructure providers of Make it WorkPress for which Make it WorkPress can not make these providers liable, government measures, transport problems, wars, terrorist attacks, internal unrest, floods, strikes and environmental disasters

Illness and temporary or permanent disability of Make it WorkPress relieve her of the fulfillment of the agreed delivery or delivery obligation. The client can not claim compensation for any costs and/or damages. Make it WorkPress will notify illness and temporary or permanent disability as soon as possible to the client. The client, after receiving this notification, has the right of eight days to cancel the contract in writing, but with the obligation to reimburse the already completed part of the assignment.

In the unexpected case of loss of life, a third party will transfer the domains and websites hosted by Make it WorkPress to a provider of choice. The remaining balance for subscriptions can not be credited.


38. Properties of the client

Make it WorkPress uses, and processes matters entrusted by the client with the same care as it comes to its own affairs. If the client wants to see that risk assured, he has to take care himself.

39. Properties of Make it WorkPress

In the case of damage or destruction to any property of Make it WorkPress which is caused by any cases or work as delivered by the client, any damage will be charged.

40. Liability

Make it WorkPress is not liable for any errors in its work. Make it WorkPress is not liable to the client or any third-party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages, even if the client has advised third-parties. Make it WorkPress is not liable for errors made by third parties or for errors due to unclear or incorrect information provided by the client.

Make it WorkPress is not liable for any damage that has arisen from the failure of her infrastructure providers, such as the loss of domains and downtime, and for which these providers can not be held liable.

41. Provided Materials

If the client has provided Make it WorkPress materials needed to execute the contract, the client indemnifies Make it WorkPress of third-party claims concerning any copyrights on those materials.

42. Limitation of Liability

Insofar Make it WorkPress would be obliged to compensate any damages arising from defects in the goods delivered, this compensation is limited to the invoice amount related to the supplied and shall be reduced by the costs incurred by Make it WorkPress for engaging third parties.

43. Expiration of liability

The Client will indemnify Make it WorkPress of any liability and the consequences of third party claims for damage incurred in connection with services provided by Make it WorkPress to the client. Any other liability will expire one year from the time the job is finished.

Inspection and Complaints

44. Inspection

The client is obliged to inspect by designs, websites, concepts, layouts, or any other work supplied by Make it WorkPress supplied for errors and defects and return them corrected and approved within 8 days after receipt to Make it WorkPress. In the absence of a timely return, the client is considered to be in approvement of the supplied work.

45. Complaints

The client is obliged to inspect precisely the supplied services immediately upon arrival at their destination. Complaints must be reported within 8 days in writing to Make it WorkPress after delivery of the services. Complaints never give the buyer any right to wholly or partially suspend the payment of the agreed price or additional costs, while any appeal on a settlement is expressly excluded. Defects that could not reasonably have been discovered within the prescribed period, should be reported in writing, immediately after discovery and no later than 30 days after delivery of the services, to Make it WorkPress

46. Rights concerning complaints

The client can not derive any rights from the handling of a complaint. Make it WorkPress is after a complaint is found to be justified, entitled to replace the given service.

Other Conditions

47. Other Conditions

General and special conditions of the client are only binding if they are not contrary to the terms of Make it WorkPress and Make it WorkPress and accepted these conditions in writing.

48. Invalidation of Provisions

Finally, if any provision of this contract shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this contract and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

49. Applicable Law

On these conditions, the agreement which Make it WorkPress closes with the client, its creation and further all quotations and confirmations by Make it WorkPress are subject to Dutch law.

50. Jurisdiction

Any disputes arising from the agreement made between the client and Make it WorkPress lies solely within the jurisdiction of the court of the Netherlands.