SiteGround offers excellent performance, support and features for hosting your WordPress site for a price that's just slightly higher than cheaper, shared providers.

Chemicloud is a great entry WordPress hosting provider with some neat features, unbeatable cached performance, good pricing, good support, and a somewhat harder-to-use panel.

QUIC.cloud is an amazing CDN and optimization service for WordPress that works great on LiteSpeed websites. Its free tier is already powerful and it is priced very reasonably, albeit confusing.

Hostinger is a great hosting provider, with a marvelous design, affordable prices, a good amount of features & support but poor performance.

A2 hosting combines great performance, okay support with a hard to use platform. It offers reasonable pricing, but not as competitive as some similar providers.

AccuWebHosting is offering amazing value for what you pay, with great performance, a good set of features and proper support. However, their platform is not the most user friendly.
  • SiteGround


  • ChemiCloud


  • QUIC.cloud


  • Webdock.io (and Hosting WordPress)

    Webdock.io (and Hosting WordPress)

  • Cleavr.io (for hosting WordPress)

    Cleavr.io (for hosting WordPress)

  • Hostinger


  • A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting

  • AccuWebHosting


  • Cloudron (for WordPress)

    Cloudron (for WordPress)

  • Laravel Forge (for WordPress)

    Laravel Forge (for WordPress)

  • CyberPanel (for WordPress)

    CyberPanel (for WordPress)

  • Vepp WordPress Hosting Panel

    Vepp WordPress Hosting Panel

  • Rocket.net Managed WordPress Hosting

    Rocket.net Managed WordPress Hosting

  • WPCloudDeploy (Hosting Plugin)

    WPCloudDeploy (Hosting Plugin)

  • Templ Managed WordPress Hosting

    Templ Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Ploi.io (for Hosting WordPress)

    Ploi.io (for Hosting WordPress)

  • Serverpilot (for Hosting WordPress)

    Serverpilot (for Hosting WordPress)

  • DreamHost & DreamPress

    DreamHost & DreamPress

  • SpinupWP Hosting Panel

    SpinupWP Hosting Panel

  • Kinsta Cloud Platform – Managed WordPress Hosting

    Kinsta Cloud Platform – Managed WordPress Hosting

  • GridPane WordPress Hosting Panel

    GridPane WordPress Hosting Panel

  • RunCloud (for Hosting WordPress)

    RunCloud (for Hosting WordPress)

  • Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting

    Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting