Hostinger is a great hosting provider, with a marvelous design, affordable prices, a good amount of features & support but poor performance.

A2 hosting combines great performance, okay support with a hard to use platform. It offers reasonable pricing, but not as competitive as some similar providers.

AccuWebHosting is offering amazing value for what you pay, with great performance, a good set of features and proper support. However, their platform is not the most user friendly.
  • Webdock.io (and Hosting WordPress)

  • Cleavr.io (for hosting WordPress)

    Cleavr.io (for hosting WordPress)

  • Hostinger


  • A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting

  • AccuWebHosting


  • Cloudron (for WordPress)

    Cloudron (for WordPress)

  • Laravel Forge (for WordPress)

    Laravel Forge (for WordPress)

  • CyberPanel (for WordPress)

    CyberPanel (for WordPress)

  • Vepp WordPress Hosting Panel

    Vepp WordPress Hosting Panel

  • Rocket.net Managed WordPress Hosting

    Rocket.net Managed WordPress Hosting

  • WP Cloud Deploy (Hosting Plugin)

    WP Cloud Deploy (Hosting Plugin)

  • Templ Managed WordPress Hosting

    Templ Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Ploi.io (for Hosting WordPress)

    Ploi.io (for Hosting WordPress)

  • Serverpilot (for Hosting WordPress)

    Serverpilot (for Hosting WordPress)

  • DreamHost & DreamPress

    DreamHost & DreamPress

  • SpinupWP Hosting Panel

    SpinupWP Hosting Panel

  • Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

    Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

  • GridPane WordPress Hosting Panel

    GridPane WordPress Hosting Panel

  • RunCloud (for Hosting WordPress)

    RunCloud (for Hosting WordPress)

  • Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting

    Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting