A WordPress update script for centralized updating using repositories

You may develop custom plugins or themes that are used on multiple, if not dozens, of websites. The WP Updater script allows you to pull updates from a repository within the usual WordPress Updating Process. In other words: it is a WordPress Github integration.

Once you push a new tag to your repository, the update becomes available to every site. Providing that this site is having plugins or themes with the WP Updater code included.

Manually updating becomes something from the past. With WP Updater, you can deploy plugins from your repository with WordPress github deployment

Enabling WordPress Git Deployment: Installing WP Updater

WP Updater can be installed by including the script in the project you require it for. Within the script, you have to specify from which repository url the updates should be pulled.

Documentation on the installation and usage of WP Updater can be found on Github.

A Free WordPress Script Collection

During the years, we found out that we were repeating the same code over and over in our WordPress development projects. The obvious thought came in mind: Why don’t we store these pieces of code in reusable scripts on GitHub?

But we could just distribute them as free WordPress scripts! And so it happened, our repository was born. These are all free premium WordPress scripts. Have fun developing!

WP Updater: A WordPress Update Script 1