The many advantages of WordPress

WordPress is open-source software, developed and extended by thousands of people worldwide. Because of this, WordPress website development offers many possibilities:

  • Suitable for small blogs to big newsportals or webshops
  • Easy to extend by plugins, the so-called extensions for WordPress
  • Already optimized for Search Engines at basic level
  • Low development costs compared to custom software
  • No costs for licensing, updates or dependencies on certain parties
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Proper WordPress website development encompasses Design, Technology & Strategy

Design is aimed at giving your visitors a good experience on your website. An immersive experience that matches your brand and what you stand for.

Technology makes your website function and allows new features. Good technology makes your website sustainable, fast and stable.

Strategy defines the website as a channel to reach your (business) targets. The effect is that the contents of the website are aligned with the business goals.

Logically, we apply these three factors in most of our projects. Maybe we can help you too with WordPress website design and development?

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Michiel Tramper,
Founder Make it WorkPress

What is the price of a good WordPress website?

The price for developing WordPress website is highly dependent on the requirements and wishes for a project. Below figures are an indication:

  • A website for starters or small enterprises costs on average between €2500-€7500.
  • A WordPress website design and development traject for medium sized companies, a starting platform or a custom application usually costs around €7500-€20000
  • An extensive platform or corporate website, with a lot of customization, additional functionalities and connections to external systems starts around €20000-€40000.

Looking for high quality WordPress website development?

Request a project and we’re going to look how we can help you.

What we can do for you (many call this our services)

Wordpress Development & Design 3

Website Development

The development of blogs, knowledge-databases, membersites, webshops, platforms, custom themes and just websites with WordPress.

Wordpress Development & Design 4

Application Development

Custom applications and plugins with WordPress, rest-api functionalities and advanced integrations with WordPress.

Wordpress Development & Design 5

WordPress Website Design

Branding and user experience design: a better experience for your brand and visitors for existing and new websites with WordPress.

Wordpress Development & Design 6

WordPress Optimization

Better performance for your existing WordPress website and ongoing development using WordPress.

We believe in WordPress.
Will you? The advantages:

We believe that WordPress is a very good way to improve the online part of your organization. So one more time, here are the advantages of WordPress website development (when it’s developed by us, at least):

  • Your website will be responsive, suitable for many devices such as phones, tables and laptops.
  • Your website will be developed with speed in mind, resulting in a website that is fast.
  • We'll assure the technology behind your website is of high-quality, resulting in a sustainable and search engine friendly website.
  • Every website is tested with multiple devices and browsers, ensuring your visitors have a good experience.
  • Our extensive experience in the design, development and strategy of websites form a compelling mix for a good website.
  • We view your website from the perspective of your organization, because we believe this is the way to build proper websites.
  • Our WordPress development costs are relatively low compared to custom development, because we use existing standards.
  • We offer the option to host and maintain each website. So your website remains incredibly safe, fast and accessible.