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Make it WorkPress helps you to get the most out of WordPress

This platform is a personal initiative of Michiel. I started it to have a platform that focuses on WordPress and to have a WordPress development company as a distinct brand. Secondly, I also started it to share my years of WordPress knowledge.

My platform was started from the experience that I gained during testing WordPress hosting providers and themes. I was frustrated by the lack of information in many reviews, and also the poor code quality of many WordPress themes. And so Make it WorkPress was born.

The Best of WordPress

I believe that the WordPress is fit for making all kinds of websites. I also believe WordPress websites must have good quality. Like you, I am  for the best in the world of WordPress. That’s why we also write a lot about WordPress, for example in our Hosting Reviews and Insights.

If projects allow for it, we work together with international developers from impoverished countries, following the #givework philosophy. In this way, you can benefit from sharp prices and contribute to developing economies and improved wages in those economies.

I do all of this in the centre of Zeist, in the middle of the province of Utrecht and also in the vicinity of the city of Utrecht. Due to its central location, Zeist is easily accessible from the various cities in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a tiny country in the vast continent of Europe.

I do this as a WordPress Expert in Zeist, the Netherlands, in Europe

But what am I doing as a WordPress expert? Well, the following list may give a good impression of my activities:

About 2

Writing for WordPress

Writing elaborate reviews and blog articles on WordPress related topics. Think of hosting reviews with detailed performance data. Or articles on the ultimate WordPress setup.

About 3

WordPress Website Development

The development of blogs, knowledge-databases, membersites, webshops, platforms, custom themes and just websites with WordPress.

About 4

WordPress Application Development

Custom applications and plugins with WordPress, rest-api functionalities and advanced integrations with WordPress.

About 5

WordPress Website Design

Branding and user experience design: a better experience for your brand and visitors for existing and new websites with WordPress.

About 6

WordPress Optimization and Fixes

A WordPress website that just works! Better performance for your existing WordPress website and ongoing development using WordPress.

About 7

Worry-free WordPress Hosting

Amazingly fast WordPress hosting that manages all the (technical) aspects of hosting a WordPress website. Our worry-free maintenance and hosting services use the latest technologies used by large internet players.

Looking for a high quality WordPress website?

Request a project and I may be able to help you.

About Zeist, in the Netherlands

Zeist is a medium-sized village to the east of the city of Utrecht. It is located on the Utrecht ridge and is also known for its beautiful forests, mountain bike trails and some beautiful residential areas.

The largest city in the vicinity of Zeist is Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands. Utrecht has a rich history that is mainly expressed in the beautiful buildings in the old town. The most famous example of this is the cathedral tower, which since a storm in the 17th century has been separated from the stern of the corresponding church.

Utrecht also has many former monasteries, municipal buildings and of course the idyllic canals in the centre. However, history goes back much further to the year 50 A.D. It was in that year that the Romans built the castellum Traiectum, from which Utrecht is ultimately derived.

De Haar Castle near Utrecht
De Haar castle near Utrecht