A WordPress Events Plugin
that doesn't suck

The Waterfall WordPress Events Plugin is a dynamic events plugin with a WordPress event calendar and customizable widgets.

Set up any events, add event locations and organizers and display them as a list or a full-blown event calendar.

Waterfall Events is currently in the alpha stage and requires the Waterfall WordPress theme to function properly.

Waterfall WordPress Events Plugin 1

Versatile Event Display

The Waterfall WordPress Events plugin can be used to create events, event listings, event maps and even event calendars in WordPress.

It comes with ton of event settings and customizable lay-outs, labels and colors allowing you to run a full-blown event site.

The only thing it doesn’t do? It doesn’t handle ticketing. And making sure enough people attend to your events!

Waterfall WordPress Events Plugin Map Display
WordPress Events Plugin Locations Display

Add Location & Organizers

Add custom organizers and locations, or save them for reuse in multiple events.

The location is displayed on a map when viewing an event. And it’s even possible to attach multiple locations to a single event.

WordPress Event Calendar

Visitor ratings are important for building a trustworthy review website. With Waterfall Reviews, visitors ratings are baked in.

Easily let visitors rate and influence the rating of a review. You can even build a WordPress review website where only visitors can leave ratings.

Waterfall Events WordPress Event Calendar
WordPress Events Plugin Elementor Widgets

Elementor Widgets

The Waterfall Events plugin comes with two useful Elementor widgets that allows you to create event calendars and event lists in Elementor.

Multi-day Events

Switch to single or multi-day events in the click of a button.

Waterfall WordPress Events Plugin 2

Installing the Waterfall WordPress Events plugin is easy

Install the Waterfall WordPress Events plugin by following these steps:

  1. Download the latest release from Github
  2. Upload this file in the Plugins Area of your WordPress admin dashboard.
  3. To function, Waterfall Events requires the Waterfall Theme.
  4. Activate the plugin, and you are done.

After the plugin is installed, extra options are made available in the dashboard.

You can learn more about this plugin on the GitHub wiki of this plugin, where you also can find more documentation.

The plugin will automatically update when new versions are released, providing it is activated.

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