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Fix & optimize your WordPress website and bring it to the next level. From faster load-times, enhanced security to easier editing and improved search engine ranking.

Fix and Optimize WordPress
Optimization, Fixes & Maintenance for WordPress 1

WordPress Speed Optimization

Get a Faster
WordPress Site

A slow WordPress website can be caused by various reasons, from bloated databases, to plugins that are badly written or slow hosting providers.

Our experts transformed WordPress sites that used to load from 24 seconds, to load under 0,7 seconds. Let our WordPress experts optimize your site’s performance.

Lean WordPress

Clean-up and get a
Lean WordPress Site

There are many good plugins and themes available available for WordPress, and using them makes creation a WordPress site a fast process.

However, not all plugins and themes are great. Moreover, inexperienced developers often use many plugins and weird decisions in content logic.

This can result in a site that is build like a house of Cards. Unstable, slow, hard to edit and with technical errors.

Our experts cleaned up many WordPress websites, reducing plugin usage up to 50% and greatly improving speed and security. Start cleaning up your WordPress site today with the help of our experts.

WordPress Clean-Up
WordPress Improve Content

Content & Technical SEO Improvements

Improve Content &
Search Engine Ranking

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your website for search engines and includes many features, such as good content, keyword research, proper coding and a great design.

Our experts have optimized countless of sites, both on keywords, technical factors and internal links. Get your content and your search engine ranking improved.

UX Design Improvements

Create a User Experience that Converts

UX Design, or User Experience Design, is making sure your visitors have a good experience on your site and your website is accessible to all kind of users (WCAG).

And that can boost conversion, sales and ultimately help you to reach your business goals. Our experts are professional designers and can ‘beautify’ your WordPress website.

WordPress UX Design
Optimization, Fixes & Maintenance for WordPress 2

Technical Fixes & Content Changes

Fix Technical Errors
& Update Content

WordPress is a dynamic package, and together with its themes and plugins, it should be updated frequently.

However, if often breaks, resulting in technical errors. Moreover, WordPress has many places where settings and content can be changed making it sometimes hard to use.

Our experts can search for technical errors and fix them. They can also help you to get the most optimal settings and have your content updated, anywhere.

Get your WordPress Website
Fixed & Optimized