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WordPress is a so called Content Management System. With WordPress, you can easily build a website.

Over a third of all websites worldwide use it. It is easy to extend and offers many ways to build a website.

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Michiel Tramper

Hey! I’m Michiel, the founder of Make it WorkPress

Do you want to make the most of WordPress, like me? I am on the quest to find the best of WordPress. From the best hosting to themes, plugins, and even best practices. And that is what I’m sharing here. So that you can get the best out of WordPress.


Discover the best of WordPress

What is good WordPress hosting? Which WordPress theme should I use for my business? And what WordPress plugins are recommended? I’ve tested the well-known extensively, starting with hosting. Find the best of WordPress!

The Best WordPress Hosting

To run a website, you need hosting. And if you’re going to use WordPress, there are many companies specialized in WordPress hosting.

This incredible, 5000 word long article tells you all you need to know about the best WordPress hosting providers and hosting options. From managed hosting for starters to self-hosting for techies, it covers all.
Control panels are tools used by web professionals to simply host applications. The best ones for WordPress are in here.
Compare all hosting providers and options with the review database, using metrics such as price and performance.

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Get a headstart with these Resources

As I have been developing many WordPress websites, I have come up with a treasure of useful WordPress plugins, scripts and themes, yours truly to use. In addition, the knowledge-base will guide you through common topics.

The WordPress knowledge-base contains resources on common web-topics and WordPress related knowledge.

A free, high-quality WordPress theme collection, used in production websites.

The collection of my free WordPress Plugins, including a Reviews and Event Plugin.

Great scripts for your dev-work, including the WP Custom Fields library and WP-Components.