Test Your Server Performance

The WordPress Benchmark plugin is a very simple plugin that can test the speed of your server by doing three things:

  • Inserting a certain number of posts.
  • Querying a certain number of posts.
  • Deleting a number of posts.

The times for executing these actions are registered and then given a score. This gives a very good insight into your server performance.


WordPress Benchmark Plugin

Benchmark Any Server

The WordPress benchmark plugin can be used to benchmark any server, and mainly determines how well the PHP and MySQL of your server is optimized, and how fast your server’s CPU is.

WordPress Benchmark Plugin 1

Installing the WordPress Benchmark Plugin

Install the WordPress Benchmark plugin is easy

  1. Download the latest release from Github
  2. Upload this file in the Plugins Area.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Run a benchmark (under Tools > Post Benchmark)

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