WordPress Websites are built with WordPress components.

Have you ever considered WordPress components to build a website? Think of how much faster something is developed with premade components.

The free WP Components script acts as a WordPress component library, containing over 30 components. These may be the actual building blocks of a WordPress website.

This component library was born out of the fact that the same elements for different projects were required again and again. The detailed installation and implementation of WP Components is described on GitHub.

WordPress Component Library: a library of WordPress Components of Molecules and Atoms

The structure of WP Components:
a WordPress component library

WP Components is made in a modular fashion and contains two types of WordPress elements: molecules and atoms. By using these elements, one can quickly develop a WordPress website using the desired components.

Molecules are larger sections of a site such as a header. Molecules can contain atoms. Atoms are single WordPress elements such as sharing buttons, breadcrumbs, images, titles and so forth.

WP Components can only be used with WordPress. Most of the elements have microdata and rich snippets included in their coding. The CSS styling of the elements is minimal.

The installation and implementation of WP Components is described in its Github Repository.

A Free WordPress Script Collection

During the years, we found out that we were repeating the same code over and over in our WordPress development projects. The obvious thought came in mind: Why don’t we store these pieces of code in reusable scripts on GitHub?

But we could just distribute them as free WordPress scripts! And so it happened, our repository was born. These are all free premium WordPress scripts. Have fun developing!

WP Components: an Awesome WordPress component library 1