Easily Enqueue Scripts and Styles in your WordPress Development Work

The WP Enqueue script makes it a lot easier to enqueue and localize custom scripts and styles within WordPress. It defaults to the best standard settings and automatically recognizes if you are either enqueuing scripts or styles.

Installing WP Enqueue

Include the WP Enqueue script as found on Github in your development project, or include it using composer.
Detailed instructions on how to enqueue scripts and styles with WP Enqueue can also be found in its Github Repository.

A Free WordPress Script Collection

During the years, we found out that we were repeating the same code over and over in our WordPress development projects. The obvious thought came in mind: Why don’t we store these pieces of code in reusable scripts on GitHub?

But we could just distribute them as free WordPress scripts! And so it happened, our repository was born. These are all free premium WordPress scripts. Have fun developing!

WP Enqueue: Easily Enqueue Scripts and Styles 1